Dette projekt er et erhvervs Ph.D. program, der udføres i samarbejde mellem Dansk Ornitologisk Forening (DOF) og Department of Bioscience ved Aarhus Universitet fra 1. november 2014 til 31. oktober 2017.
Formålet med denne side er at informere om projektet til danske og udenlandske samarbejdspartnere. 


Citizen Science relies on the active contribution of non-professionals to collect record and report data to professionals who collate, analyse and transform such material into usable products for third parties, thereby creating opportunities for research and monitoring that would otherwise not be feasible. DOF-BirdLife Denmark’s own suite of Citizen Science activities have created programmes that successfully deliver the highest quality of data, analysis and reporting but has the potential to being used to an even greater extent in ecological research. The use of these data will demonstrate how Citizen Science data can deliver high quality science and show how to maximise the potential of Citizen Science projects, both now and in the future.

Project summary

The project will undertake an extensive study of endangered and declining bird species and their habitat use based on data contributed by DOF volunteers to various different projects and databases and include all sorts of data that improves explanations on population changes. It will include cross-cutting analyses of all Danish breeding birds derived from data collected over the last 40 years and include new modern techniques to seek to find adequate explanations for the declines amongst many species.

The data from the DOF monitoring programmes especially the Common Bird Monitoring programme will form the basis for scientific studies on different levels. Because so much of Danish biodiversity is found on cultivated land, particular emphasis will be placed on the status and trends in farmland bird populations.  Investigations will assess effects of agricultural change on avian communities and species, in particular focussing on how specific land-use change (such as changing in grazing) impacts on agricultural habitats and the bird species that rely upon them.  Emphasis will also be placed on comparing contrasting trends in agriculture and bird populations trends between regions in Denmark and across Europe to find evidence to support hypotheses relating to the key drivers of changes in distribution and abundance of rare and declining species.

Keywords: Bird population studies, Common Bird monitoring, Farmland birds, Ecological and climatic correlates of Danish breeding birds

Industrial PhD Project participants and supervisors

Company:      DOF-BirdLife Denmark; Mark Desholm, Head of Nature department

University:     Aarhus University, Department of Bioscience; Tony Fox, Professor and Peter Sunde. Senior researcher