Each site has a link to a Google map giving relevant information such as bird observation towers, look-out points, car parks, etc.

The Danish Nature Agency has printed leaflets covering most of the state-owned areas in Denmark. Although the text is Danish, they can be recommended due to the detailed maps inside, which show marked nature trails and the nearby car parks. They are available at libraries, tourist offices, or at the individual localities. They can also be downloaded from the Nature Agency's website, where they are grouped according to region. If a leaflet has been published for a locality described in the birding site section, there is a link to it in the paragraph "Visiting and access". 

In Denmark there is free access to woods, beaches and wastelands provided you can enter the areas legally. Forcing one’s way through private gardens or farmed fields is not allowed.

In large private woods it is allowed to walk or cycle along designated roads and pathways during daytime. In public forests and communal woods it is allowed to walk everywhere. In private woods under 5 ha the owner can forbid access, but this has to be signposted.

On field tracks and farm tracks it is allowed to walk and cycle, except on shorter stretches leading solely to private residences or farms. On beaches, it is allowed to stay for up to a day, but it is not permitted to stay within an area less than 50 m from inhabited property.

Dogs must be kept on a lead everywhere and at all times. The only exception is during the period from 1st October to 31st March, when it is allowed to let them run free on beaches.

The climate in Denmark is very variable, so be prepared for all weathers! Summers can be both hot and dry or cloudy and windy. It is a good idea to have waterproofs handy, and rubber boots or other waterproof footwear are advisable if you are planning to visit muddy areas. Mosquito repellent may be useful on summer evenings.

Danish Ornithological Society (DOF)
DOF was founded in 1906 and is the Danish partner of BirdLife International.  Its aim is to collect and impart information about birds and to help to protect birds and improve their habitats.
DOF offers its members many activities, including trips and meetings throughout the country. If you are visiting Copenhagen, you may like to visit DOFs shop “Naturbutikken” at Vesterbrogade 138- 140, where you will find a very good assortment of books (including English-language books) on birds, birding sites and nature in general, together with binoculars, telescopes, outdoor clothing, etc. The staff will be only too pleased to help you.

is a bird protection foundation which is allied to DOF and which owns 23 bird reserves throughout the country. Most of these reserves are described in the birding site section.