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This is nature’s own reality-show starring a white-tailed eagle family with an eagle couple and their two nestlings.
You can follow the hard working parents and how their nestlings grow from egg to eagle.

The webcam is covering the eagle’s nest with a stream 24/7. With the ability to zoom and adjust the camera we get close to the nestlings and their habits.

From time to time we experience technical issues with the stream. We apologize in advance.
If there is an issue, be sure, that we are doing our best to get the eagles back on your screen.

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About EagleTV and white-tailed eagle in Denmark

The white-tailed Eagles’ nest on the stream is located in a southern Danish nature reserve owned by Fugleværnsfonden (a private nature foundation).

In 2020 the nest has a new couple of adult White-tails raising two chicks. The eggs were hatched on April 14th and 16th. We expect the young eagles to leave the nest by the end of June when they have reached an age of 82 to 86 days.

The camera is streaming live 24/7. At night we use a red light, which the eagles can’t see. They experience natural darkness only.

The White-tailed Eagle (Haliaeetus albicilla) was absent from Denmark as a breeding bird for a hundred years due to heavy persecution in the 19th century, but 25 years ago a new Danish population was founded by eagles spreading north from Germany.

Later also some birds from southern Sweden settled in Denmark, and we have now reached a solid population of more than one hundred breeding pairs. The average number of fledglings from Danish White-tailed Eagles’ nests is 1.4

Please feel free to enjoy. To us the live transmissions from the nest is a part of our efforts to protect nature in Denmark and everywhere else.

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