The aim of DOF BirdLife is to promote awareness about and interest in wild birds and nature conservation through coordinated and strategic policy and advocacy efforts, scientific research, information work, nature experiences and membership participation. The work is done nationally and internationally though BirdLife International – the worlds largest partnership for nature conservation. DOF BirdLife is one of 116 national BirdLife partners – one per country or territory.

In Denmark, DOF BirdLife raises awareness about nature conservation and birds, organizes bird watching and nature events, takes on the role as a watchdog on behalf of nature, and defends her politically, if existing nature laws are violated.

In addition, DOF BirdLife works proactively for more wild nature, a greener agricultural industy and natural habitats for birds. In each municipality we have local volunteers collaborating with autorithies on bird issues, birdwatching and nature management.

Internationally, we currently work with the national BirdLife-partners in Nepal, Kenya and Uganda and BirdLife International to sustainably manage and conserve 7 selected forest areas in those countries. We work in a participatory manner with implementation of best practices for bird- and nature-friendly forest and land use management, which at the same time provides improved livelihoods and economic opportunities for local communities living around the forest areas. Additionally, DOF BirdLife is working to establish a large-scale nature conservation project linking parks and reserves, also to improve the conditions for the overwintering migratory birds there, from Burkina Faso through Ghana and into Ivory Coast with the BirdLife-partners there, the Dutch BirdLife-partner and BirdLife International.

On policy level, we promote the Danish compliance to the Natura2000 and EU Bird Directive protocols that are paramount in the protection of Europes pristine nature, habitats, flora and fauna including birds. This has led to the protection of more than 1,400 endangered species and one million km2 of nature in Europe. Linked to this, DOF is working with BirdLife International for a greener agrocultural production in the the EU, including Denmark. Through the Danish green NGO network called the 92Group, DOF is working for the Danish compliance and monitoring of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), while DOF globally support the work of BirdLife International on the CBD, the Convention on Migratory Species (CMS) as well as the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

All of our work is underpinned by solid data and analysis of these. It is this science we use to set priorities, inform action on the ground, and shape policy and advocacy. Through our commitment to rigorous data-gathering and analysis, with help from thousands of volunteers, we ensure that scarce resources are targeted effectively.