9 areas in and around Echuya Forest Reserve

Project title
Improved Livelihoods through Sustainable Management of Forest Resources in and around Echuya Forest

Starting date
January 2012

Closing date
December 2015

Duration of the project
3 years

7.832.527 million kroner

Danida (Danish International Development Agency)

To improve livelihoods in communities around Echuya sustainably through the implementation of Collaborative Forest Management (CFM) agreements , development of and training in income generating activities, and securing local communities full participation in decision-making on the new management plan for Echuya

Echuya Central Forest Reserve is an important livelihood resource for the densely populated communities that live around it. The area has a population of approximately 42.000 people. In 2000 the forest was ranked as the most important forest in the south-western part of Uganda for the rarity of its flora and fauna. It is also an Important Bird Area (IBA) with 152 known bird species, of which 18 are endemic. The forest has become increasingly degraded due to encroachment and rapidly increasing population. This has led to increasing conflicts and the indigenous Batwa people that lives in and of the forest is also being increasingly marginalized.


The main expected outcome of the project is improved capacity of both, the local communities, the national forest department and NatureUganda for sustainable natural resource management. Another and integrated expected outcome is improved livelihoods and access to services among local people, both women and men. Finally the project aims to secure the biodiversity and environmental integrity of the Echuya Forest in the long term.

Update May 2012