Project title
Danida Support to Harapan Rainforest (DSHR), Phase I, Sumatra, Indonesia

3 years

Starting date
January 2012

Closing date
December 2014

DKK 50 million


The development objective of DSHR is to contribute to significant CO2 net emission reduction from Indonesia’s forests while co-benefits such as biodiversity and livelihoods are stabilized. The immediate objective is to ensure that Harapan rainforest is managed sustainably and serves as a model for ecosystem restoration and REDD in Indonesia and elsewhere. The four main elements are forest conservation and restoration, community development and partnership, policy support, capacity building and knowledge management, and research and monitoring

Harapan Rainforest is a joint initiative of Burung Indonesia, BirdLife International and the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, UK. It is the first project in Indonesia to be implemented under an ecosystem restoration license, allowing the management of former production forest for restoration. Harapan, meaning hope in Bahasa Indonesia, is a tropical rainforest covering almost 100.000ha in the southeastern part of Sumatra. The goal of Harapan Rainforest is to reestablish and secure one of Sumatra’s last lowland rainforests. In 1900 Sumatra had 16 mio ha lowland rainforest. Now only around 300.000 ha are left. Together with the forest threatened species of animals and plants disappear, and the indigenous peoples that live in the forests lose their livelihoods. Most of Harapan today consists of secondary forest of varying quality. It has a high degree of biodiversity, including Sumatran tigers, gibbons and tapirs and 304 known species of birds. The indigenous Bathin Sembilan people have traditionally lived in the forest and will be an integrated part of the project. One of the main challenges is the large number of encroachers that have already felled and partly cultivated around 7000 ha of Harapan. The project seeks to establish partnerships with the poorer families in order to improve their livelihoods while at the same time ensuring the restoration of the forest

Burung Indonesia holds the contract with Danida while BirdLife Denmark, Forest and Landscape of the University of Copenhagen and The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (UK) deliver Technical Assistance to the Project

Expected outcomes
The DSHR has as expected outcomes restoration of the forest and its ecosystems, improved community partnerships, the development of a national knowledge center for ecosystem restoration and monitoring and research on CO2 emissions, livelihoods, biodiversity and other issues that are important for the overall success of Harapan.

Program website: www.harapanrainforest.org

Update: Charlotte Mathiassen, March 2012