A century of bird conservation

Founded in 1906 DOF is one of the oldest nature conservation organizations in Denmark with a 110-year history of bird research and protection.

Bird watching, lectures and a common scientific interest in birds has always been the focal point of the organization – and it still is. However, the audience has broadened and today DOF embraces all bird and nature enthusiasts sharing DOF's concern about the degeneration of nature and decline in bird populations. 

Engaging almost 2,000 volunteers in day-to-day scientific fieldwork and with the support of 16,500 constituencies DOF has grown from a small club of birdwatchers to a vital player on the national scene for bird protection and nature conservation and full-fledged member of BirdLife International.


Science and policy

The national conservation work is centered around scientific research as the fundament for DOF’s political action taken to protect birds and their habitats. Internationally DOF is working in Uganda, Kenya and Nepal with sustainable management of forest and local development. Through DOF's Climate Foundation and the Bird Protection Foundation - an economically independent entity of DOF - money is raised to purchase bird localities in Denmark and degenerated forest in Ecuador. 


Democracy and economy

DOF is an independent organization with 38 employees and strong traditions of members' active participation and democratic influence.  

The General Meeting is the highest governing body of the organization and is made up by 60 delegates from DOF’s 13 local groups. Among these, the Board, consisting of 13 members, is elected.

In 2016 DOF had a total turnover of approximately five and a half million Euro primarily generated through fundraising and public grants and an exclusive agreement with the Danish Ministry of Environment.



Year of establishment: 1906

No. of members: Aprox. 16.500

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